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Type: Method

Parameters: String Company String LicenseCode

Returns: nothing



Use the UnlockControl method to unlock the AntView control so that you can use it in your applications.

Provide the company name and license code exactly like it has been provided to you after you bought the control.


While your subscription for support might expire, the license itself does not expire.


For example in DataFlex:


  Object oEdgeWebBrowser is a cComAntView

     Set Location to 26 10

     Set Size to 174 475

     Set peAnchors to anAll


     Procedure OnCreate

       OLETxUnlockStatus eStatus

       Integer  iDays

       Forward Send OnCreate

       // This is how you would unlock the control if you have a valid unlock code.

       Send ComUnlockControl "Example Company" "WI5PO2-2KSU3Q-HWFXFU-IUMU2V-QF8P2F"

       Get ComUnlockStatus to eStatus

       If (eStatus=OLEusLicensed) Begin

         //Showln "We're properly licensed!"