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Use AntView in DataFlex


You can use the AntView control in all versions of DataFlex that support FlexCOM2.

Basically that would be Visual DataFlex 8 up to the current version (DataFlex 20)

There's a 32 bit as well as a 64 bit version available of the control.


Use in the Studio


For being able to use the control in the Studio you will also need to copy the WebView2Loader.dll into the Studio bin folder, so that you do not get an error when you use the control in the designer.


64 bit support


You can use our AntView control in your 64 bit applications!

In order to do so, copy the WebView2Loader.dll from the x64 subfolder to the folder of your binary. That's it!


On a development machine that has AntView installed via the installer, the WebView2Loader.dll used, will be from the installation directory. AntView2 will use the correct bitness by default. 


For deployment you need to put the correct WebView2Loader.dll in the same directory as the application binary.