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Updating AntView and MS Excel


When you update the AntView control to the latest version then MS Excel won't show you the updated functionality.

The reason for this is that Excel is caching the old interface in a few places in so called .exd files.

You only see the new functionality after you delete these cached files and re-register the ActiveX control.


You can find the .exd files the following locations:

The most commonly known one is here:


where %TEMP% is the local user temp folder, in other words, it usually is: 



another copy might be in: 



Not only in the user temp folder, there's also:

C:\Users\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Forms\AntViewAx.exd

which apparently maps to:



Where <user> is the current Windows user, for example the first path on my system is:



Any & each of those .exd files must be removed in order to be able to update to the latest version of the AntView control.